Travelogue 2014 – Sean Paulhus

It was a great honor to travel recently to Tsugaru City and to represent the City of Bath and our group at several different occasions in Japan as a part of the Bath-Tsugaru City Sister City Program. The relationship between these two communities has been a long one, since the end of the 19th century all the way into the 21st.

When one goes to Tsugaru City, one can instantly realize that this connection is an important one that they take pride in, from the citizens and members of the City Government. While visiting a local agriculture store, one will see a picture of Bath hanging on the wall. When visiting city hall, you see several gifts on display from Bath to Tsugaru and the pride the community displays at the annual event of Chesebourgh cup and several more.

It is important for both local governments to continue to support and promote this relationship both abroad by sending people (on the exchange) but also at home too, through education and promotion, so that this can continue for many more years to come, for we are both the richer for it.

I know that my experience of visiting and interacting with the citizens of Tsugaru City has made it something that I will never forget.
-Sean Paulhus, Bath City Councilor