Travelogue 2013 – Michael Grill

Summary days 2-3,
July 27 & 28 – Host Family Weekend
Early in the morning I left with my host family to go stay at an onsen hotel near Towada lake. It was about a three hour drive and quite rainy as we drove to the lake. The road was flooded and washed out several times so the ride was exciting, but we made it. After eating dinner of various grilled seafood where I tried squid (pretty tastey), we went to the hotel`s onsen. The hot spring was hotter than the hot tubs in the states and felt nice after a long day of car sitting. After watching the ‘eating cannel’ with my host father, we went to sleep.
The next day we woke up, ate noodles for breakfast, and went to the onsen.
Afterwards, we drove back home, this time without the rain so I could see the scenery. After we got back to the house, we went to a flea market and my host father bought a godzilla action figure and we ate various ice creams and such. That night we went to a barbeque with a few other host families; the food was wonderful.
Afterwards I was very tired and slept immidiately.