Travelogue 2012 – Gabe Kunhardt

On July 23, we went to meet the Tsugaru City Mayor, Hiroyoshi Fukushima. We were able to give the mayor small gifts of our own, which is always fun. Next, we visited the Inagaki Middle School, one of the local middle schools, where we got to hang out and get to know some students and learn about their school. We also made mouth-watering banana cream pies with the students. I think we all made new friends, I know I did. After that we went to the Shayokan, which is the house of a famous Japanese author from this area, Osamu Dazai. We were able to roam and take pictures of the building/house. Lastly, we went to the Tachinebuta museum. This was cool because it featured giant nebuta floats weighing 16 tons, and were very beautiful. We had a chance to make a traditional Japanese kite. Overall, I would say it was a day well spent and I had fun.

-Gabe Kunhardt, 17, Brunswick