Travelogue 2012 – Dylan Robinson

The Yoshinji Buddhist Temple*

Walking into the temple, I was overwhelmed, not only with the sights of what appeared to be gold, but with the kindness of whoever seemed to be a priest of sorts.  Our purpose there was to perform “Zazen,” or meditation, and though at first I thought this might be a little odd with so many people, I grew to enjoy the overall experience.  Physically, my time spent there resulted in terrible leg pains (from sitting in the “lotus” or half-lotus position) and a few awkward moments, but mentally, the experience helped me relax and feel more at peace.  Another thing I appreciated as how connected to another culture it made me feel.  Even though our meditation was shortened by hours, I felt very thankful to the man leading the Zazen, as he took time out of his long day to show us something I feel many in our group will forget.  I, however, will never forget the Yoshinji Buddhist Temple.

– Dylan Robinson, 17, Brunswick

* The Yoshinji Buddhist Temple is the location of the grave of 2 of the sailors that died in the Cheseborough shipwreck.  We were here to pay homage to them, as well as to learn the Zazen meditation and about Buddhism in general…