Bath May Fair

Dear Bath-Tsugaru Program Friends,
Konban wa Tomodachi!  There is a new fundraiser quickly approaching and I hope you can help!

Next Saturday, May 7, is the May Fair in Bath!  It is basically a city-wide Yard Sale.  We have a space at Library Park.  We are hoping to raise money to help pay for activities and lunches for the group from Tsugaru coming this summer, and perhaps also to contribute to next year’s trip TO Tsugaru.

Have you done some spring cleaning lately?  Maybe over April vacation?  Do you have some items you could donate to the Yard Sale?  Collectibles?  Antiques?  Books? etc?

I’m also in need of a couple of tables and some folding chairs to set up our items on and for our workers to sit at during the fair.  Do any of you have any that we can use?

The Yard Sale starts at 9am (set up at 8am), and it will end when we’re sold out or decide to pack up – maybe around 5pm?