The Exchange Program

Information for Travelers:

2014 Traveler Reports:

Travel Group 2014
Travel Group 2014

 The reports home from travellers this year re available here…

2013 Traveler Info:

Bath visitors travelled to Tsugaru July 24 through August 6, 2013.

our 1st day in Japan: L-R: Emma Brownlee, Mari Eosco, Kenan Van Vranken, Jake Haddock, Michael Grill, Julie Isbill & Cindy Matthews

You can read their travel postings here.

Travelers from Maine to Tsugaru, summer, 2012!

Tsugaru Travelers 2012

They sent home travel logs and we have posted them here.

If you are interested in participating in a future trip, contact Cindy Matthews at

Information for Host Families:

Tsugaru Travelers arriving in Bath
Tsugaru Travelers arriving in Bath in 2011

Watch for announcements as the next Exchange Program year gets closer.


Testimonials in support of the exchange experience are worth a read if you are considering participating.