Meet the 2015 Maine Host Families

Lots of information shared at last night’s Host Family Meetup.  We are so fortunate to have 13 families hosting 21 visitors this summer!  Many of our hosts have previously lived or traveled to Japan.  And we have a couple of families who have previously hosted and/or traveled to Tsugaru through this exchange program. The experience and background that this particular group of hosts have to offer this year is outstanding!  *THANK YOU for your support!*

Our orientation session went over hosting itinerary, Japanese introductions, culture/etiquette tips and finalizing details for two parties we will be throwing for the Tsugaru visitors.  Please check out the “Hosting” tab on our webpage for more information on what the Tsugaru students will do while in Maine August 10-17.  Also, if you’d like to join us on a daily excursion please email:
We would LOVE to have you (and your children) participate this year!