Orientation Session #3

IMG_5789The 2015 Travelers met last Saturday @ the Patten Free Library Community Room to dig into more ‘trip-specific’ information.  Topics included: transportation, religion, omiyage and more language review/practice.  The students are so anxious to embark on this experience!
The students were also given some “homework” which included: making an “All About Me” photo book to share with Tsugaru people and creating a diary/scrapbook to use as a resource in Japan and a keepsake post-Japan. 
Each traveler was also given a pen pal from a Tokyo university called: Musashi University.  Pen pals were instructed to communicate with one another weekly prior to departure.  Our Tokyo pen pals will also be helping us navigate Tokyo for 3 days this summer! We are so fortunate for their help and can’t wait to meet them!
The students also ‘met’ their Tsugaru host families during this session and found the location of their homes on a map.  Soon, the travelers will be communicating with their host families as well.  Thank goodness for technology!
Thanks again for all who participated!