Orientation Session #2: Another SUCCESS

2015 Travelers
2015 Travelers

We enjoyed another educational, engaging and entertaining Orientation Session on Saturday May 2nd @ Bowdoin College.  Mitsuki Nishimoto, our Bath-Tsugaru Intern and Bowdoin student of Japanese, put on another helpful workshop aimed at preparing travelers and host families for this summer’s cross-cultural exchange.  Topics included: cultural customs, a virtual tour of a Japanese home and preparing formal introductions (of which the Japanese are quite fond of).  Also, the day focused on learning Japanese numbers, so we could learn how to talk about money, time and our age. Students worked with Japanese currency and practiced using shopping dialogs – which will come in handy when we head to Tsugaru in 2.5 months!  Special thanks to Aridome-sensei and his wife Anna Aridome for their support, time and photographs!  Several of Anna Aridome’s fabulous photos are included in this post.  We are so grateful for the support from the Bowdoin Japanese Program!  Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu!




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