Orientation Session #1: Success!

Last weekend, the 2015 Tsugaru Program participants met at Bowdoin College for the first in a 4-part orientation session.  We had an excellent turn out of almost 25 member of this year’s travelers to Tsugaru and host families in Maine.  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful people ready to meet and greet the people of Tsugaru!  Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!

This interactive orientation session included a ‘meishi’ (business card) interview game, ‘ohashi’ (chop sticks) relay race and restaurant role play.  Participants also learned how to read/write their names in Katakana, introduce themselves and use appropriate greetings. Several students from Bowdoin College gave a panel discussion of their experiences living, traveling and working in Japan as well.  This gave relevance to our exchange program and encouraged our participants to 1) have an amazing experience in Japan this summer, and 2) reminded them that there are so many other ways to stay connected to Japan in the future.  We are grateful for the Bowdoin staff and students’ support this year!  Special thanks to Mitsuki Nishimoto, Aridome-sensei and the students in the Japanese Studies program.

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