Travelogue 2012 – Liam McDermott

We started the day by harvesting melons, one of the main agricultural products of Tsugaru City.  The process was easy, but the payoff was sweet – literally!  We were told that on a scale from 0-18 of sweetness, the melons were 16.  After the harvest, we went to the packing facility for the melons.  They were sorted by size and sweetness.  After the packing facility and lunch, we went to Kizukuri High School.  There, we participated in kendo, Japanese fencing, and kyudo, Japanese archery.  Then we watched sumo and judo practice.  Overall, it was a fun day!

     A few days ago, my Host Family took me to a street festival for their neighborhood.  In the hustle of it all, my Host Grandmother took me to the shrine, where the older families were eating.  As she prayed, I had the best food I have ever eaten.  I have no idea what it was, but I finished the whole bowl set out for me.  Overall, I’m having a great time, and I hope I can come back.

-Liam McDermott, 18, Bath