February 2012 Update

Dear friends,

We have just concluded our first annual Japanese Culture Celebration Weekend in Bath, and it was so successful that we are indeed calling it our ‘first annual’.

The events were varied and supported by community people/businesses and also statewide artists.  Our goal was to raise awareness of our program , and we did that as well as raise some scholarship funds for travellers. We had cooking classes, sake tasting classes, Japanese movies, green tea ceremonies, and classes in Japanese gardening, haiku, and literature.  The busiest of our four days included a benefit breakfast, a kids’ carnival, a Japanese dinner, and an evening of Taeko drumming, celebrity sumo wrestling, games and raffle.  Phew!  Lots of work, lots of help, and lot of enthusiasm:  It was terrific for all involved.

There is a selection of photos from the weekend posted here.

In the meantime, our planning for summer travel and hosting is gearing up.

There are so many ways to be a part of our program!

Please visit this web site regularly for the latest!

Deb Patten, President